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Before deciding whether or not to start piano or violin lessons, let’s spend some time thinking about the essence of what music lessons are. Music is essentially sounds that are comfortable or pleasant to listen to. Considering this, music lessons are for the purpose of pursuing better and better sounds. Performing music is to play each note individually, beautifully and to build on that base by bringing various elements together in order to express the piece splendidly. This may seem to go without saying, but surprisingly, many people who are interested in music lessons mistakenly believe that playing an instrument is simply converting notes into sounds. There are increasing numbers of people in recent times who have the idea to begin learning songs using a keyboard, and then buy a proper instrument later if the student shows promise. Based on what I have said in my beginning statement, this cannot be said to be the ideal way of thinking. If the real essence of the enjoyment of music is to play using proper and beautiful sound, I believe it is best to select a real piano or violin that is at the better end of each student’s level, rather than using a keyboard. (I will speak in greater detail about the selection of an instrument later.)

I’ve never met a person who hates music. There are some people, however, who say that they do not like music class or the teacher. It may sound strange, but there aren’t people who prefer not to play a musical instrument. Music is wonderful and fun if you can play beautiful sounds properly, and in so doing learn to enjoy playing the piano or violin. In order for this cycle to be possible, the student must practice and make effort. Before beginning lessons, this cycle should be understood.

The real essence of the enjoyment of music should be understood by the adult learner, and for young learners it should be understood by their parents, in conjunction with the teacher’s help during lessons. Furthermore, if the student has patience to practice at a level appropriate to their age, continuing lessons is not difficult.

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