Merits of Music Lessons



Let’s look at a few character building things, other than the simple acquisition of music skills, which can be gained through taking music lessons.

When performing existing music, you cannot play as you like. In order to express the music as written, it is necessary to think about and study what the composer intended, and to express that as accurately as possible with beautiful sound and sincerity. In music lessons intangible abilities are also required. Inner parts such as sensibilities and emotions will be developed naturally. As I mentioned before, in order to understand a piece cognitive skills are required, but even during practice sessions, thinking is important. When practicing it is not enough to simply play through a piece. The student must carefully consider what needs to be fixed, and to figure out how to fix it. In this process, problem-solving skills are developed. In addition, by making effort, patience and concentration will also be developed. In the process of perfecting the piece, the student learns to refine and pull things together.

When you say music lessons, it is not only music, but also the above mentioned aspects that are also included.

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