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Tamura-Sensei Recommendation

When my daughter was four years old I felt that she was ready to begin the study of a musical instrument. I did not have any experience of playing a musical instrument myself to rely on, but rather a vague notion that being able to produce beautiful sounds would be a good experience. I also did not have the expectation that my daughter would pursue a career in music. I simply felt that the ability to make music was an important thing for a human being to be able to do. I started making enquiries and eventually found Tamrua-sensei. The first time we met was for a general consultation, and from that first meeting I knew that we had found the perfect teacher for our family. I had initially worried that a professional musician might be put off to hear me say up-front that our goals were more in terms of being able to produce and appreciate beautiful music rather than in a serious commitment to a career in music. On the contrary, Tamura-sensei was very positive and supportive.

It has now been 10 years since that first meeting, and my daughter continues to enjoy and benefit from her relationship with Tamura-sensei. Eventually my son also started taking violin lessons, my daughter decided to take piano lessons too, and it became a family affair when I decided to pursue a life-long curiosity by also taking piano lessons with Tamura-sensei.

Of course we are all different in terms of our aptitude, attention span and understanding of what it takes to learn to play a musical instrument. Tamura-sensei has been able to assess and work with all of us, meeting us where we are, and knowing intuitively just when to cajole and just when to push. Whether teaching adults or children, Tamura-sensei is adept at tailoring her lessons to the needs of the individual students. She is clear in communicating her expectations and also good at giving feedback regarding to what extent those expectations have been met.

My daughter has gone from sitting on Tamura-sensei’s lap while watching the video “Tonari no Tottoro” and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, to working together with her to decide which musical pieces will be interesting and challenging for her to play. Tamura-sensei takes the student’s wishes into consideration when planning lessons. My daughter now says that she appreciates that Tamura-sensei cared about her development and continued to push her to do things she didn’t want to do at the time, in order to get her to understand how to play music properly.

My son, who is too young to remember a time before Tamura-sensei came into our lives, says that Tamura-sensei is strict, but appreciates that at the end of the lesson he can receive stickers. He says, “She always makes us practice until we can do it, so that we get good at it.”

And I am grateful on many levels. Going back to my original objective of learning to create good sound and appreciate beautiful music, I could not be more satisfied with our work with Tamura-sensei. And along the way we have also learned the techniques of playing our instruments. For all of this, and the way Tamura-sensei has shared with us her passion for music, I am very grateful to her and would recommend her without reservation to anyone considering taking music lessons.

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